EAST WEST Digital Release

Sept 16, 2020

The North Face

Ready to squeeze in some late season missions to get the most out of winter? This film will be sure to get you planning.

EAST WEST follows Janina Kuzma, Anna Smoothy and Ayako Kuroda as they cross New Zealand’s Southern Alps over the Main Divide from East to West starting at the Liebigs.

It is one part of the series ‘A Winter Affair’ – a collection of ski films exploring far reaching places for unexpected ski lines, developed by team skier Janina Kuzma.

The film has toured around the world from the New Zealand Mountain Film Festival, and the Women’s Adventure Film Tour in Australia, to IF3 and High Five and the Shades of Winter Festival, and now it’s available here for all to enjoy. Tune in on Thursday for cinema-worthy viewing, from the comfort of your home.

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