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Reed & Co., Rachel Reed and Hamish Nugent, started distilling their first gin, Remedy Gin, at the former Tani Restaurant site in Bright in 2016. Moving to an old mechanics shed in 2017, which was renovated as a dual use space to share with local coffee roasters Sixpence Coffee. The current location at 15 Wills Street has Sixpence serving coffee and pastries in the morning. R&Co take over the space in the afternoon and evenings, serving food and drinks in the restaurant and cocktail bar.

Published 7th Feb, 2024. Words Mandy Lamont Images Reed & Co.

Introducing Shochu

In 2021 Reed & Co. released their first shochu-based product, Yuzushu, at the current Wills St Distillery. Shochu is a Japanese beverage typically distilled from rice or barley, Yuzushu, a mixture of locally grown Yuzu and Shochu. Making the first locally produced shochu in Australia, the production was perfected over three years of R&D by distiller Hamish. A series of techniques and processes from koji (fermented rice grains) production, to fermentation and distillation. It also requires a lot of space. So a dedicated shochu distillery has been purpose built at a second site in Bright.

Spirit Lab

With some space freed up at the back of the venue in Wills Street, the area that housed the copper stills has recently been refurbished to create a new distillery door experience; Sprit Lab. The beautifully designed space is open on weekdays from 10.30 am and Saturdays from midday for tastings and bottle shop purchases.

R&Co Cocktail bar is open from 3pm Wed – Sat. The restaurant, Koji Bird, a Japanese izakaya styled casual eatery brings great flavour from Japan and beyond. As ex-chefs turned distillers, food is incorporated into the Reed & Co. experience. Producing their own Koji and pickled ferments combined with custom wood-fire grill. Check out the sample menu and booking details here.

Reed & Koji

Inspired by Hamish and Rachel’s time working in Japan and enjoying the local spirits. Their love affair with koji stems from R&Co’s love of flavour, technique and making a great drink that they enjoy. Playing an important role in Japanese food culture, koji was declared Japan’s ‘national fungus’ in 2006.

Japan’s highest selling spirit, shochu, is unique and versatile. Complex in it’s making, the flavour experience is an authentic result of the craftmanship. Each part of the process from fermentation, distillation, aging, and blending, contribute directly to the final product. Unlike most spirits, it pairs exceptionally with food. One of the reasons is that Shochu carries phenols similar to those in red wine. You can drink it with water, on the rocks, with soda and in cocktails. We particularly enjoy a highball with soda and fruit, known as a Chuhai

The distillery is focused on showcasing more of the innovative koji based spirits alongside R&Co’s renowned gins, liqueurs and alternative spirits in their new beautifully designed space.  Come and have a taste.

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