Skiing with Steve Lee

It was a stunning morning,  perfect for a backcountry tour out the back of Falls Creek with skiing legend Steve Lee.  Even though there hadn’t been any fresh snow for almost a week, the snow was light and dry and we got plenty of blue sky and fresh tracks.  From tree runs and open runs to runs from the summit of Mt McKay.

Falls Creek Backcountry tours

With skis on we were towed behind Steve’s skidoo on a specially designed platform with seating for four. No wasting time putting skis on and off when there’s skiing to be done.  The skidoo ride was half the fun. Hanging on and tearing around the backcountry, the other half was the great skiing. The happy screams and woo hooing a giveaway.  With the resort still in view most of the time, we were transported around the back country. Skiing close to a dozen runs in just over a couple of hours.  Being dropped at the top of each run and then met at the bottom to be whisked away to the next run.  

Skiing legend Steve Lee getting some turns in


There were plenty of views and photo opportunities at the top of Mt McKay

MOO_2620 MOO_2625 MOO_2629 MOO_2633

Our tracks from the summit of Mt McKay

MOO_2636A fantastic morning, completely different to any other back country experience I’ve ever had, and so much fun.  After spending the morning skiing the back county, I spent the afternoon on the resort getting reacquainted with the joy that is loading onto the poma and enjoying the great skiing and stunning views from Falls Creek.  Another great day in the mountains.


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