Winter 2014 has finally arrived!!

I was so excited to finally be making arrangements to go skiing.  All of a sudden, this cold front was turning into the dump of the decade, and I wasn’t going to miss the first decent skiing opportunity of the season.  The anticipation of this blizzard had even the most pessimistic of folk starting to get excited.

I knew it was going to be a good day as I was watching snow flakes dancing in the wind outside my window whilst making my morning coffee.  It was so nice to see Jindy with a dusting of snow, after such a late start to the season.

The drive up to Perisher was pretty hectic in blizzard conditions, with cars sliding all over the icy, snow covered road.  When we finally arrived at the car park it was pretty empty, though covered in snow.


I hadn’t checked the snow report, but we’re in the middle of a blizzard.  Lifts aren’t running and Steve suggests we go to Mt Wheatley which will be protected from the wind.  So from the carpark we head out along Rock Creek.


It’s tough going breaking through the snow.  It’s the first decent fall of the season, and it’s easily 50 cm of fresh my pole tells me as I poke it into the snow.  With each step, Steve sinks into the snow ahead of me creating a path, trying to avoid the bushes.  As we get steeper, the deep, light snow makes it almost impossible to climb with skins on.


We reach the summit and take our skins off, Steve sinks waist deep.


He see’s a rock he wants to launch from.  His first turns for the season came after this rock drop!


The light and loose powder make it difficult to turn and when you fall, difficult to get out of.  It was so deep, it was like Japan.  There was a bit of this…


and this…


and a few tele turns at the end of the day.


What an amazing start to season 2014, and with more snow expected this week, the winter has finally arrived!  Get amongst it.



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