Yuzoko, Belle Brockhoff

Belle Brockhoff was the Tour leader of the women’s Snowboarder Cross last northern hemisphere winter until she did her ACL at the World Champs.  After having surgery on her knee earlier this year she has been off snow and rehabbing for most of the Australian winter.  “It has actually been really good” Belle tells me, “apart from watching my rankings drop, I’ve been able to step back and figure out the weaknesses that I need to work on.”

Loving working towards things with 100% focus, since her surgery Belle has launched her own fashion label, YOZOKO.  Created in October last year with her partner, it has been helping her with her snowboarding and with her rehab, “it’s been a good distraction and keeping me motivated.”  The name is made up of two Japanese words, Yuki and Ozaka meaning snow and family, two important things to Belle.  The unisex premium quality tee’s are available online at www.yuzoko.com

Spending most of the Aussie winter rehabbing her knee Belle has just recently been getting back on snow, she’s loving being back on the board and her knee is feeling good.  She will be heading to Switzerland at the end of the month to join the rest of the team and start her World Cup season.  Good luck Belle!!

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